Mazon Lesova - Chasdei Yona Meir - מזון לשובע - חסדי יונה מאיר

Have a Zechus in feeding hungry Bnei Torah, the children of Eretz Yisrael.

It is well known the situation of Parnasa of many heimishe families in Eretz Yisrael, where parents are trying to put food, as simple as bread, milk and butter on the table.

Forget about such expensive items like cheese, farina, or eggs etc. And their kids therefore lack the most basics in nourishment. It effects the kids at home, in school and leaves an impact even in later years.

We opened this organization last Summer, Reb Shayala's Mazon Lesova, in memory of the great Tzadik Reb Shayala of Kerestir zy"a, who was known to feed the poor and passing guests. At Reb Shayala, no one stayed hungry, so we also make sure that these kids should not stay hungry. Our organization provides monthly coupons for these sweet children to be able to get the most basic food items, so they should be able to shteig b'Ruchniyus and b'Gashmiyus.

We call this organization "Mazon Lesova - Chasdei Yona Meir" in memory and Le'Ilu Nishmas of R' Yona Meir ben R' Chaim Alexander Ziskind Blumenfrucht z"l. who was known as a tremendous Baal Chesed, and these issues have been very close to his heart.

You Give, We Get Double!

We have a donor who will match every donation you make, whatever you give, he'll just match the amount, and your Mitzvah is doubled as well.

As of now, we have over 1500 kids on our list, and the waiting list is even bigger, we're just waiting for funds.

Our current budget is 70,000 shekel ($20,000) per month, that's over 850,000 shekel ($240,000) per year.

What will you do to help?

A child per week $7.00
A child per month $30.00
A child per year $360.00
A family per week $28.00
A family per month $120.00
A family per year $1440.00
*Based on a family of 4 children


All donations are through our secured servers.

We won't share your information with others.